2005 S Sacagawea Dollar

Rare coin for sale: 2005 S Sacagawea Dollar US Mint Proof

2005 S Sacagawea Dollar US Mint Proof

Price: $3.59 Sale: $2.99

Product Description:

Gem Proof 2005-S Sacagawea “Golden” Dollar coin. These S-mint mark coins, proof struck the San Francisco Mint, are the most beautiful examples this coin because they display deep mirror-like fields and frosty design. The Golden Dollar’s front has Sacagawea portrayed in three-quarter profile. On her back, Sacagawea carries Jean Baptiste, her infant son. Six months pregnant when she joined the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacagawea gave birth to Jean Baptiste early in the journey. In rendering Sacagawea, Goodacre included the large, dark eyes attributed to her in Shoshone legends.

2005 S Sacagawea Dollar US Mint Proof

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